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Verwood Stroke Club
Please contact the Club Chairman: Brenda Charman
with any queries

Tel: 01202 824654

Meetings now held at:
Verwood Day Centre
Jenner Close,
Verwood, BH31 7QE

Talks start promptly at
10.30 am

Refreshments will be served

from 10.00 am
before the talk


How to find Verwood Day Centre (please click here) 

Previous meetings (2015-19):

Wed 11th December 2019
Christmas Lunch at
Remedy Oak Golf Club:
12.00 noon for 12.30 pm

Wed 27th November 2019
"My Travels" - Ron Barson

Wed 30th October 2019
Women working for women in Uganda - Linda Nother

Wed 25th September 2019
"Local Landmarks" Quiz
- Mike Webber

Wed 28th August 2019
Coach Outing and Lunch
at "The Pines" Swanage

Wed 31st July 2019
Myra's Wells - Eddie Martin

Wed 26th June 2019
Members Meeting

Wed 29th May 2019
Outing to:
The Lantern Community
Folly Farm Lane
St Ives
BH24 2NN
*They have a  Cafe/Shop -
so always worth a visit!
(Click here for Map)

Wed 24th April 2019
Linda Whike


Wed 28th March 2019

The Lighter Side of Policing
- Part 2

Ken Exworth

Wed 27th February 2019

Discovering Dorset - Part 2
Reverend Stewart Timbrell

Wed 30th January 2019

Wed 12th December 2018
Christmas Lunch

Wed 28th November 2018
The Lighter side of Policing
Ken Exworth

Wed 31st October 2018
West Country Railways
Mike Webber

Wed 26th September 2018
Exploring the Dorset Stour
John Combes

Wed 29th August 2018

Wed 25th July 2018
20th Anniversary Celebrations

Wed 27th June 2018
A Garden Party

Wed 30th May 2018
Herbs & the History of Medicine
Stuart Timbrell

Wed 25th April 2018
'Members' Meeting'

Wed 28th March 2018
Martyrs of Tolpuddle
Mrs Anne King

Wed 28th February 2018
'Totty's Good Life Bees'
Totty Cruttenden

Wed 31st January 2018
AGM and Quizzes
Rosalind Andrews

Previous meetings (2017):
December 2017
Christmas Lunch

Wed 29th Nov 2017

Wed 25th Oct 2017
Natures Magic Moments Part 2
John Combes

Wed 27th Sept 2017
Macmillan Caring Locally
Neal Williams

Wed 30th Aug 2017
Garden Party - to be arranged

Wed 26th July 2017
"Music for All"
Ron Collins

Wed 28th June 2017
Outing - to be arranged

Wed 31st May 2017
Jenny Cook

Wed 26th April 2017
Life in New Zealand
Ted & Jan Stern

Wed 29th March 2017
Thomas Hardy Part 2
Anne King

Wed 22nd Feb 2017
Discovering Dorset Part 1
Rev. Timbrel

Wed 25th Jan 2017
AGM and Quizzes

 Previous meetings (2016):

Wed 7th Dec 2016
Christmas Lunch

Wed 30th Nov 2016
"Norwegian Fjords"
By Mike Webber.

 Wed 26th Oct 2016
"Nature's Magic Moments"
By John Coombes.

Wed 28th Sept 2016
"Animals in the Wild"
By Pam Smith.

Wed 27th July 2016
By Babs Doswell

Previous meetings (2016):
Wed 29th June 2016
Outing : Train Trip on the Swanage Railway.

Wed 25th May 2016

"My Life" Part 2
By Ron Collins.

Wed 27th April 2016
By Diane Collins.

Wed 30th March 2016
Thomas Hardy : "Life - Landscapes and Laughter"
By Anne King.

Wed 24th February 2016
"It bain't the same as twas" Life in Three Cross in the 1930s
By Ken Orman.

27 Jan 2016

Previous meetings (2015):
Wed 25 February 2015
Growing up in the 30s, 40s and 50s
Audrey Holloway

Wed 25 March 2015
A Wildlife Photographer on Holiday
John Combes

Wed 29 April 2015
Wessex Assisting Dogs

Wed 27 May 2015
A cruise down the Danube
Mike Webber

Wed 24 June 2015
Date & venue to be confirmed

Wed 29 July - 3.00 pm
Cream Tea at Pamphill
Meet at Pamphill
Click here for Pamphil web site
Click here for Map
Please note that the Trip Advisor web site map wrongly shows Pamphill Dairy Farm Shop and Restaurant in Camford Magna.

Wed 26 August 2015
Camping holidays which I Hate
Babs Doswell 

Wed 30 September 2015
The Swanage Railway
Colin Stone

Wed 28 October 2015
Ron's Life Story
Ron Collins

Wed 25 November 2015
Animals in the Wild
Pam Smith

Christmas Lunch 2015

Coming Meetings:

To be announced